Our Team

“Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing clients. As their numbers have grown, so have their demands on my time. However I’ve never felt comfortable sending them off to work with someone else, as I want to personally make sure they get what they need.”

“As a solution I’ve built a team of experienced copywriting and content development experts, with a wide range of specialisms, across numerous markets and channels. I trust each of them unreservedly to deliver work that meets my high standards and my clients’ equally high expectations.” – Alex Genn

How we work

All work is copy-checked against the brief by a senior writer before it’s delivered (we only work with mid-level and senior writers). We build in extra time at our end to ensure that even if a full re-write is needed – although this has never happened – there is enough time to do so. Using this ‘belt-and-braces’ approach gives you two copywriters for the price of one and provides peace of mind that the work will meet, and we hope exceed, your expectations.

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